Donna is a multi-discipline artist, color consultant, lecturer and teacher who lives in Pittsburgh, PA. Kearns began as a painter but was quickly drawn to a more tactile medium beginning her longtime career with glass, which is dictated by color and entices the viewer to not only look at the piece but to also be able to see through it. She is now working almost exclusively with paper, fiber and mixed media. She has numerous pieces in private collections and has exhibited solo as well as in group exhibits. Her work is throughout the US, UK, and Australia.


I believe that nothing is as simple as it seems. Everything and everyone is made up of pieces and layers of past events, experiences and what surrounds them. That notion guides me as an artist to try to see and think beyond what is easily recognizable.

I represent this by working in layers of collage and color, ink and paint while allowing some portions and colors to peek through. Whatever the subject, I enjoy the challenge of translating objects, moments, words, or responses into the basic fundamentals of materials and color. I then want to tease the viewer to come closer and sometimes have to touch the work to recognize that what is being represented is made up of many layers of papers and fiber and not merely paint as they may initially think; simple as it may seem.


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