Personal Masks

Each of us goes through life wearing a mask; our outside face for all to see. It can shield our vulnerabilities, insecurities or our true selves. In many cultures throughout history, masks have been used to either hide one’s true identity or to arm one with additional powers. That concept carries itself into today’s culture but we replace the tangible mask with an attitude or a mindset. 

A PERSONAL MASK, THE PROCESS: Commissioning a personal inner portrait (mask) consists of answering a series of questions relating to personal history, your everyday life, and a little about your favorite things and not so favorite. I will then show you a series of colors so you may choose your favorites. I’ll then do a plaster casting of your to bring an emotional and physical connection to the portrait. Yes, you can breathe and no, it doesn’t hurt. If you like, you can choose a fictitious name giving yet another dimension to your inner identity. At birth we are named by others but this gives you an opportunity to name who you really are.  This is a fun process as well as having a lasting piece of art representing your true self.

PRICING: Please contact me if you would like to discuss commissioning a personal life mask, prices begin at $2,000.