I was getting ready for a meeting the other day, applying my makeup and had a phone call. I took the call, chatted a little and continued getting ready. While driving to the meeting I realized I may not have finished my eye makeup. I knew I put mascara on one eye but I was running a little late at that point and didn’t take a final look so I wasn’t sure if I did the other eye before taking the call. Now I was faced with a dilemma, do I look in the mirror to know for sure? I don’t carry makeup with me so if I didn’t finish, there wasn’t anything I could do about it. If I look and I didn’t finish, do I say something when I get to the meeting so I can get this out of the way immediately? What would my opening be? Will anyone even say anything to me or will they just take glances hoping I’m not aware that they are staring at me?  If I know and then act surprised, I would be telling a fib when I exclaim, “Oh my” and then explain what happened. It may be fine and I may have finished. I struggle with these little things that challenge my character; the big ones are much easier to know what to do. So what do you think…did I look?

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