Out of the Forest

I do a lot of commission work and I recently finished a very large painting that took months to complete. Some folks asked how I could possibly let it go after working so hard and long on this piece. Actually I think they were sick of seeing it in my studio. Not a problem for me. Many artists I know have angst when a work is completed and it’s time to turn it over to the client/purchaser. I’ve heard it referred to as “their baby”. I on the other hand turn it over with a smile without any heart strings pulling at me. I am a process artist and the high for me is developing the work and not the finished piece itself. Maybe in some very miniscule tiny way it could be compared to being a surrogate mother (gestational carrier).  I’m happy to go through the development, discomforts, problem solving, aha moments to make it happen. When I turn it over I love watching the client’s reaction in those first few seconds of happiness knowing it’s finally theirs after anxiously waiting. That’s what works for me.

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