Operation List Generation

christmas list

It’s that special time of year…Operation List Generation. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t exist without lists. I generate lists for shopping, lists for doing, lists for planning, lists for projects, to do lists; but my paramount list making time of the year is Christmas. I have to make a general list. And then there is a gift list, a to do list, a baking list, a menu and a grocery list, a list of stores that I must visit to get that special something, and on and on.  I come by this act of list making naturally. My mother holds the title, the Queen of Lists. She makes so many lists that she even has post it notes on the dashboard of her car reminding her which lists to check that day. She’s much more professional than I am as she saves all of her lists and many of her records date back to 1942. Good grief! I am not in her league but…

I am thinking that this year I will make some special lists. When the hoopla of Christmas is over and I can settle in quietly with my thoughts, I will go through this past year and list the things that I have accomplished so I’m feeling good about myself when it’s time to make that list of goals for next year. I’m going to make a list of special people who I want to be sure to stay in touch with. Maybe I’ll even make a list of kind things I can do for others so I don’t let everyday tasks get in the way. We get so wrapped up in the doing and the hustle of everyday life; we sometimes forget why we’re doing it. I’m going to remind myself this year what’s important to me.

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