The Rainbow


Today we are still mourning, trying to understand how and why this horrific tragedy in Newtown could have happened.  The whys and hows must be left for another day when we are thinking more clearly. The biggest immediate hurdle for each of these parents after having lost their child is trying to get through the fog of this moment, each moment, and contemplating what to do tomorrow. When I lost my son I grasped at anything that would ease the pain and help me face the tomorrows. Sometimes just words can bring a small smile, and the warmth of a small smile at a time like this can be a milestone.  This poem is from a grieving parents’ website and hopefully can offer a small smile.

I have not turned my back on you
So there is no need to cry.
I’m watching you from heaven
Just beyond the morning sky.

I’ve seen you almost fall apart
When you could barely stand.
I asked an angel to comfort you
And watched her take your hand.

She told me you are in more pain
Than I could ever be.
She wiped her eyes and swallowed hard
Then gave your hand to me.

Although you may not feel my touch
Or see me by your side.
I’ve whispered that I love you
While I wiped each tear you cried.

So please try not to ache for me
We’ll meet again one day.
Beyond the dark and stormy sky
A rainbow lights the way.
~Authour Unknown

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