Santa and the Soldier


This week’s post was going to be about Christmas carols since they seem to transport many folks to a spiritual place and amidst the festivities we are celebrating, a little spirituality can go a long way. C’mon, we could use a little spiritual boost. But, we received a Christmas card from friends who support the Disabled American Veterans and Ed (my husband) asked me to post from it instead. The card contains a poem that some of you may have read before but I’d like to share it anyway. It’s titled Merry Christmas, My Friend by Lance Corporal James M. Schmidt, a Marine. There have been a few versions of this poem written to include all branches of the service and each version is lovely reminding us of one of our very special gifts. This is the version that was in our card. The original version can be read at     Wishing you peace and joy, Merry Christmas to all.



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