winter garden-016_adj
Shhhhh, the garden is sleeping. If you have children you know that everyone tiptoes about when your child has fallen asleep after a very active day. That’s how winter is in the garden; you must let it lie quietly. You know you can’t step in the planting areas and disturb the soil for fear of unpleasant surprises when the snow melts. You worked so hard through spring, summer and fall nurturing, playing, and guarding against dangers. You were proud of its beauty, pleased with its strength, amazed with its growth and now is the time to sit back and reflect…and quietly smile. It’s like sitting back with a nice cup of tea at the end of a beautiful day that you’ve watched your child grow, have fun, and reward you with that playful giggle that you can hear again and again. Shhhh, let the garden sleep. It’ll be time to play again soon.

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