A Feast For My Muse

Welcome to my studio, at least part of it. As you can see, there’s a lot going on. Slim is in progress, music is up for an upcoming silkscreen workshop eagerly waiting for its place that will be done later, dolls are hanging, and the largest project I have ever done covers the boards; more about that in a later post. It may seem like there’s a lot to look at but my muse is ecstatic, thrilled, energized. She doesn’t like a neat studio, to her, its borrrring. I threatened her with a new year’s resolution – cleaning it and making it neat. That didn’t go over well so I quickly dumped the idea. Imagine planning on going to dinner to a wonderful Italian restaurant and you’re drooling thinking about the vast array of goodies that will come to your table – hot crusty bread with a saucer of rich herbal olive oil, good wine, a lovely salad, pasta with Bolognese, tiramisu, YUM! And then… the server brings a plain bowl of spaghetti and that’s it, now there’s a bummer if ever there was one.
My muse expects my workspace to make her drool, like the Italian dinner – I’m getting hungry thinking about that dinner. Anyway, it’s been suggested to me by a few professionals that I may “suffer” from ADD. I don’t view it as “suffering”. I see it as accommodating my muse, presenting a rich meal for her to feast on. If I do that for her, she’ll give me that same satiating feeling that one gets after eating that beautiful dinner. Do you feed your muse? You should.

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