Hello, I’m Jane

me with mask_adjI think it’s time I introduce myself; my name is Jane. I am Donna’s inner self. We wear our outside masks to show others the person we want them to see, the person they expect. I am her strength and her sense of humor assisting and guiding her through difficult moments. I am who gives her power to wear her mask and not let others see how deeply she feels and that she isn’t always as confident as she may appear. I make space and time for her when she thinks she must take care of responsibilities. I can be very arrogant and clever, extremely confident but sometimes fearful. I don’t consider what others may think. I take time to stare into space, kick rocks, and read the same poem a hundred times no matter how much laundry she insists must be done.
Each of us has a Jane within. The trick is embracing your inner self and acknowledging that part of you, baring yourself and letting the world see who you really are. As an artist, I tend to look into people, not at them so I can try to get a glimpse of who they really are. My masks are an opportunity to bare one’s inner self to the world. See others’ masks on my website www.dbkcolorstudio.com
Jane and I are becoming very close friends.

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