Hang In There

Wednesday was the first day of spring…REALLY?!? It’s so cold here these eggs need coats but because my annual ritual of standing eggs during the vernal equinox worked, I know spring is here even though it doesn’t feel like it outside. Sometimes when you’re in the middle of something unpleasant or difficult, it’s hard to hang in there believing things will improve, they’ll work out, and brighter days can be ahead.
I am not a fan of winter but this year it seemed to be especially challenging. Many years ago I heard somewhere that the only day of the year that you can stand eggs is during the vernal equinox. I don’t know if this is true or not but I don’t care. Dealing with winter is a challenge for me so I needed something to make me believe that spring is here no matter what the temperature is so every year I can hardly wait to get out my eggs on March 20th. This year was super special because I was able to stand three eggs in less than six minutes, a record for me.
Lessons: keep at it no matter how bleak it looks, believe even when it seems like it will never be ok, you actually might get better at something if you keep practicing (I’ll remember that one for my piano lessons) and know that eventually…things will get better.

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